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Semantic Web Service Integration


Globalization leads to a new paradigm shift in industry that companies increasingly focus on their core competencies and outsource all other functions, formulating a virtual chain of enterprises. A Collaborative Virtual Enterprise (CVE) is a temporary alliance of enterprises to share skills or core competencies and resources in order to better respond to business opportunities in a more collaborative rather than competitive manner. Effective collaboration in CVE relies on the computer networks and IT technologies to provide the desirable dynamism and flexibility. A CVE needs to be dynamically formulated, its business processes need to be dynamically configured and executed to respond to the dynamic market. Aimed at fully supporting collaboration in CVE, we have explored the service-oriented paradigm for achieving agile enterprise integration based on web service standards. Our research focuses on building a common architecture for web service integration. In particular, semantic web technology will be utilized to achieve flexible services discovery and dynamic services composition. A semantic driven services composer has been successfully implemented based on a forward-chaining algorithm. Its practicality has been verified through a prototyped enterprise manufacturing system. Our research shows that the marriage between web services composition and semantic-based services description result in an effective tool to support collaboration in CVE. Rhe full workflow from initial customer requests to final product delivery can be forged dynamically in association with the changing market demands.

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