Mr. Lei Zhu

Master Student, Computing Department, Unitec Institute of Technology

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Key Research Interests

The research interest of Lei is centered in data mining and machine learning. Current interests focus on Support Vector Machine, Incremental Learning, Image Processing and Computer Vision.

Key Publications

Pang, S., Zhu, L., Chen, G., Sarrafzadeh, A., Ban, T. and Inoue, D. (2013). Dynamic class imbalance learning for incremental LPSVM. Neural Networks. 44(0). pp. 87-100.
Zhu, L., Pang, S., Chen, G. and Sarrafzadeh, A. (2012). Class imbalance robust incremental LPSVM for data streams learning. Proceeding of The 2012 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN2012). pp. 1-8.